VOIP & Hosted Services

VOIP Services

As a pedigree player in the telephony market, one would expect an organisation like Phone Pulse to have a significant range of VOIP & Hosted offerings. As there are so many products in the market we decided to take the pain out of VOIP for our clients by spending the last 3 years testing many technologies that may deliver benefits and cost savings for our clients.

As VOIP evolved in the Irish market, many early adopters experienced poor quality voice hence generating a negative image for the technology. Phone Pulse has established best practices and proven technologies to ensure that its clients’ obtain crystal clear reliable sound quality across all its VOIP services.

The primary difference between Phone Pulse and other VOIP providers is that our business model is built on the back of the largest telecoms service engineering team across Ireland. Many competitors simply resell minutes and do not have a dedicated team to service client issues or their business model only supports one or two technical staff who are striclty office based. Phone Pulse is a Service Provider and boasts winning the Irish Field Service Award for “Exceptional Service” for the last 3 years that the awards operated. This we beleive proves to businesses like yours that you will be in good hands with Phone Pulse.