Onsite or in the Cloud?

Do you know the best option for your Business?

Onsite or in the Cloud

The evolution of the telephony landscape from onsite to cloud in recent years has been a challenge for  managers seeking to decide on which model best fits their business.

Management had to choose one or the other and in many cases neither option alone achieved all their business requirements.

In January of 2016 Phone Pulse launched its “Hybrid” offering to address the limitations that both onsite and cloud offer in isolation.

By building a “hybrid” model Phone Pulse has enabled organisations to combined the advantages of both models to maximise the benefits of their investment.

The onsite model protected a business from a total outage should the Internet connection fail while the cloud model offered an OpEx model with Business Continuity and a Disaster Recovery capability.

Phone Pulse combines all these advantages with ShoreTel Connect™, a unique, single platform and user interface that provides Unified Communications from the cloud, onsite or a hybrid combination of both.

Hybrid Onsite – Cloud

This “Hybrid Onsite – Cloud” model allows a business to affordably migrate to a Unified Communications IP Telephony platform with a blend of technologies and payment options.

Each client is provided with a “Private Cloud” deployment of the ShoreTel solution in our Data Centre for a monthly fee. And by availing of ShoreTel’s unique N+1 redundancy capability in a virtual environment, they achieve DR as standard.

Further more, Phone Pulse offers High Speed Internet services that are “on-net” to our Data Centre, which eliminates risk to call quality. This coupled with our SIP services allows Phone Pulse to deliver Voice Business Continuity irrespective of the outage experienced by the client.

By combining a number of solutions across our product portfolio through a consultative process with prospects, Phone Pulse has built up a significant referable client base.

Contact David on 1890-929-800 or david@phonepulse.ie to hear more about this model.